Chocolate, Art and Porn

We sampled chocolates everywhere we could.  We bought truffles in shops on St. Germain and thoroughly enjoyed them all.  Then we went to Josephine Vannier’s artisanal chocolate shop in Marais, just a block or two from the Place de Vosges. At first, I thought we were passing a curio shop.  There was a guitar in the window and a saxophone.  Fertility dolls and what appeared to be some African masks, and elaborately covered books.  Then we realized the shop windows were filled with chocolate sculptures.    Inside we discovered even more goodies.

I did a double take when I saw a display of  chocolate dildos, which coincidentally had been reduced 50%, but Dean said no.   All I can say — chocolate is chocolate.  Chocolate Dildos Paris[In hindsight, I should have bought all of them.  I could have had a party and cut all of them up (but one) into individual bite sizes (no pun intended) and served them up to my guests — then held up the lone, in-tact dildo.  I really missed the boat on that one.]

Chocolate guitar
Chocolate guitar/books
Chocolate Fertility Goodess
Chocolate Fertility Goodess

Art and chocolate at the same time Had a car hit me just seconds earlier, and by some miracle, I actually went to heaven after all?  Here’s there link.  chocolate and art.  Go to Paris to see the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dome, walk the Seine and get chocolates at Josephine Vannier’s.  Go just to see their window shop display.


I don’t know who Josephine Vannier is but I wish we were close relatives. 

 Located on 4 Rue du Pas de la Mule

Watch how many people press their noses to the window.  The sales people should take photos of what we all look like as we admire their artful play on delectable chocolates.