Off Beat Things to do in Paris

For years, we have been going to the beloved taxidermy place called Deyrolle, located on the fashionable Rue de Bac off of St. Germain.    Deyrolle Exhibits

Deroyle Taxidermy
Deroyle Taxidermy

I say beloved because several years ago when a fire devastated this stuffed menagerie, Parisians came out in droves to help.  Afterwards, the army offered to house anything salvageable.  The renown auction house, Christie’s set up a foundation to raise funds through an auction.   Hermes created  a scarf to raise funds, and animals from other countries were donated.  All for a taxidermy place, you say?  Go there.

IMG_0066Deyrolle is a magical place.  Sometimes, you are looking at creatures that no longer exist.  The wood floors have signs of fire and the orangutan that I “talked to” last visit is gone.  The back room is still full of preserved butterflies and insects from places like Madagascar,  a place I probably will never see.  There are shells so outrageous that only God could have thought them up.  You are looking at beauty, never beasts even if they once could have snapped your head off.   

As we left, I spotted a side office.  A woman was working at her computer.  On her desk was a stuffed monkey and a large, regal bird.  There were other creatures scattered around her office like the rest of us stack folders and arrange photos of family.  It all made perfect sense.


Aurouze in Paris
Since 1872

Then there is  Auruoze, the pest exterminator shop on Rue des Halles, where you buy poisons to kill rats and other city vermin.   You are asking yourself.  Why does one frequent places like this as?  First of all, we stumbled on the place decades ago while  looking for a car model shop, which turns out to be next door.  It’s the window front display that grabs your attention.  Stuffed rats dancing in a circle with several other rats hanging from traps above, their necks clearly broken.Auroze shop window584

In the past we’ve always just taken photos and went next door, but this time, I ventured inside and purchased some of the old fashioned mouse traps called Lucifer.  I just know they will come in handy for an art project.  I’m thinking some kind of political satire about Congress.  Stay tuned.